Java programming language

many peoples gets confused how many programming languages they should know for better career , but for a good career you don’t need to know tons of programming languages but one. One knowing tons of languages but none at its fullest is of no use in comparison to one knowing only one language but like a pro.

java programming language is a great and easy programming language

so what i suggest is  if you are willing to learn some programming skills then start with basic language C and then object oriented language like:






I prefer java as  Java has a very rich API, and an incredible supporting open source ecosystem.

Today java have tons of users therefore it have lot of forums , examples , tutorials available online . java have a great future , in upcoming time you will see your daily life things like alarm clock , juicer , coffee machine , washing machines running on java. java is a interpreted language so it is a strictly types language which makes probability of errors to half.

make your first step today there is no stopping you whether you are minor or too old

get inspired read story of Tanmay  Bakshi a 12 years old programmer

Meet Tanmay Bakshi, the world’s youngest Watson programmer

get started today ,there are lot of online websites providing courses free

you can visit:

Thankyou for reading.